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What is and how it is related to the Kroger Inc? is an online portal introduced especially for the employees who are working under Kroger. All those employees, as well as associates, can access the portal to check work-related news and any other information which exactly they are in need of. In simple is the one-stop destination for all the Kroger employees where they can find all their profile details without any fail.

Moreover, the company is not only accessible by Kroger store employees only, but also can be accessed by all the Kroger Brand store employees and the associates. And what not!!! This also has come forward to include the data related to pay stubs, work schedules, company announcements, articles and much more for making the employees learn and be up to date. In simple and short, the portal acts as an internal communication medium. login guide

As the employees can easily communicate with each other and clear their doubts very fast and easy way. But the main thing one must remember as the online portal can be accessed only after login to one particular’s account. Now let us discuss some important information regarding to the Greatpeople and its login procedure provided here in a clear and better understandable format.

About Kroger Inc

As you all know Kroger is the well popular company that is located in United States of America. This company is introduced by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the second largest supermarket industry that is located in USA. They are having 3010 stores which includes 2759 Supermarkets and 251 Jewellers.

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This company is having many more brands like the Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, King Soopers and many more. If you have noticed the kroger stores they are having almost 443000 employees. They makes the work very easily and have launched a website called as which is now ruling the world.

Kroger Greatpeople.Me Login Process

As we discussed the Kroger has introduced only for the employees and associates working under Kroger brands and their respective stores. Like Greatpeople, Kroger has also come with one more portal called Express Hr.

This is where they can spot the news related to recruitment and other Human resource information posted at regular times. Keeping all this aside, now that it is important to learn the login process and benefits associated with it. Step by Step Login Procedure

Before learning the login process, make sure you’re the employee related to Kroger. As such other than Kroger employees, no common man or general public has a right to access this particular portal. Let us now follow the below steps provided one by one that results in fast and easy access.

  • In the first step, you are requested to cross-check the details related to the username and password.
  • If you failed to have such details requested to make a contact with store personal manager for collecting all such details right immediately.
  • Now, just simply open any of the browsers and navigate to the official site called Once the page gets loaded, you can notice the two empty fields called username and password.

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  • This is where requested to mention the login credentials at the required fields and tap on the sign in to log in one particular account successfully.
  • After a successful login can notice a notification appearing on the screen. That’s all!!!!
  • Now you are ready to check the details associated with job vacancies, claim for benefits, manage all your profile details cross verifying for scheduled work, discounts, managing the work schedules, leaves and whatnot.

Process to Reset GreatPeople.Me UserID

This is most common that we need some important information in our life. The main things that are going in our life is about User ID and passwords. If you forget the Greatpeople User Id or enterprise id, then there is nothing to get worried. As you know we can retrieve your lost information. This can be done if you contact our store in both online and offline.

With our support you can receive a mail to your inbox regarding the lost user id and you can easily get back in a short period of time.

How To Reset GreatPeople.Me Password

Well, if in case lost or forgotten the password, follow the below simple steps in order to reset it without facing any kind of difficulties.

How To Change GreatPeople.Me Password
How To Change GreatPeople.Me Password
  • In the very first step now open the website and find for and option called as Whats this.
  • Now tap on it. Here you need to enter your Enterprise ID in the field.
  • Now you are requested to follow with the few security questions that are needed for the verification.
  • After this you need to get a reset link.
  • This link will be received for your registered mail id.
  • Now open the link and use that for resetting al the passwords in a good way.
  • Thats it. You can get your password now.

Benefits Of Kroger Employees

Kroger has come up with a lot of benefits especially for its employees to make the job attractive. Let us go with the lists of details updated right below in the form of bullet points.

  • Kroger employees can get special offers and discounts on the products.
  • For permanent employees, Kroger offers vacation plans.
  • All full-time employees and associates of Kroger are eligible to get insurance and retirement pensions.
  • After six months of your service at the Kroger store, you can continue your education. This is valid for both full time and part-time employees.


This is all about the login. I hope with this information you can easily clear all your doubts regarding Greatpeople. If you like the article share it with your friends and also through any of the social networking sites. Stay tuned for learning more updates. Share your feedback in the comment box below and help us to come up with more informative articles. Thank you.